Austin Rivers’ Girlfriend Audreyana Michelle Was Pissed He Wanted to Get Some Work In At the Gym

NBA players have a lot to juggle.  On their time off,  their significant others expect them to hang out. While some are so dedicated to their craft,  they opt to work out even during their time away from the team. This is what Austin Rivers decided to do, and as a result of this decision, his girlfriend was not a happy camper.

Austin gave some insight on what went down with his GF via his Instagram stories.

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The expression “She wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” applies.

You have to respect Rivers’ work ethic, but to put his girlfriend on blast for wanting to spend some quality time with her boyfriend, now that’s not cool. And she’s almost 31 weeks pregnant.

But we appreciate it Austin, more content for us.

Check out more of his girlfriend’s content below:

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