Ben Simmons Got Savagely Booed at Home While Missing First Two Preseason Free Throws

The boo birds don’t miss a beat.

Controversial NBA player Ben Simmons played in his very first NBA game since June 20, 2021 last night as he finally made his Brooklyn Nets debut against his former team, the Philadelphia 76ers. The  Philadelphia Sixers completely dominated the first quarter, outscoring the Brooklyn Nets 42-26. Simmons was fouled near the end of the quarter and went to the free throw line where the Philly fans in attendance, assuming they were Philly fans, made it known they are not fans of Simmons by booing Simmons pretty loudly.

Simmons, a career 59.7% free throw shooter, missed both shots from the charity stripe and they looked about as good as his jumper.

Watch Simmons at the free throw line below:

Obviously, this is only the preseason, and it’s the first live basketball he’s played in a very long time. One can only assume The  Brooklyn Nets home crowd will be a bit more friendly once the regular season begins. At least that’s what Ben is hoping for, because if this is a sign of things to  come, he’s screwed.  Maybe it was Nets fans who are still upset how last season unfolded perhaps.

Check out that Ben Simmons jumper, It’s still a pretty rough look.

This is going to be a long season for Ben Simmons, and it should be pretty fun to watch.

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