Ben Simmons Going Viral For Horrible Jumper During Nets Public Practice

Ben Simmons is not a shooter.

The Brooklyn Nets held their annual Practice at the Park event on Sunday as the team gathered in front of 8,000 Nets fans. According to the New York Post Steve Nash got booed and Kevin Durant received a “lukewarm” welcome. Of course Ben Simmons also got involved into the headlines.  Of course the real highlight of any Nets practice is seeing Ben Simmons shoot a basketball, and like usual he did not disappoint. Unless you wanted to see him hit the rim.

But he badly missed the shot.

See the shot below:

Again this isn’t your average jumper, in fact it’s a fadeaway off one leg. Judging by the attire of his teammates it probably was pretty cold. Considering the location, it’s possible there was wind that may or may not affected his shot. Perhaps in the ideal conditions of an NBA arena that ball would have swished through the net.

But the dude just doesn’t have touch. You really shouldn’t miss that badly. He’s a professional basketball player.

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