Miami University Now Confirms Sexual Assault Claims Against Former Blackhawks Coach Brad Aldrich

For the first time, Miami University in Ohio is publicly confirming that two separate sexual assault claims were made against former Blackhawks video coach Brad Aldrich when he was with the program for a five-month stint in 2012.

Aldrich left the Blackhawks after their 2010 Stanley Cup when he was accused of assaulting two unnamed players in the organization.


After Brad Aldrich left Miami’s program, he joined a high school hockey program in Houghton, Michigan, where he was convicted of assaulting a 17-year-old.

“In November 2012, Miami University was made aware of allegations of an off-campus sexual assault involving a non-student adult and Brad Aldrich,” Miami University spokeswoman Jessica Rivinius wrote in an email to WBEZ Friday.

“When the Miami University Police Department reached out to the alleged victim, they offered to assist the individual in filing a police report with the Oxford [Ohio] Police Department,” she said. “The individual declined to make a report.”

The Blackhawks organization has been under heavy scrutiny after it was reported that the front office knew of the allegations against Brad Aldrich and opted not to file a police report.

A couple players on the 2010 team even went as far as saying that “every guy” on the team knew of the allegations against Brad Aldrich.

The Blackhawks have been listed in the lawsuits filed by their former players, and the former high school players’ family.

We’ll await any more developments on this extremely disturbing story.

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