Patrick Mahomes Blasts U.S. Team For Leaving Sha’Carri Richardson Off Olympic Squad

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has joined the many fans who were heartbroken after sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was left out of the Tokyo Olympics after failing a drug test.

While Richardson’s suspension keeps her out of her 100-meter individual event, the U.S. team still could have selected her to be a part of the relay squad. They chose not to, and Richardson was sent home.


During an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take”, Patrick Mahomes shared his feeling that the decision was ‘ridiculous’.

“For her to be left off after all the hard work and dedication that she has put into the sport, and her to be one of those bright, young stars for the USA, it’s just disappointing that she got left off after she put in the work,” Mahomes said. “Even though she made a mistake like we all make mistakes… To not let her be at the Olympics at all is pretty ridiculous to me.”

Sha’Carri Richardson was met by TMZ  when she arrived home at the airport, and she revealed that she wasn’t surprised when she was left off the Olympics roster altogether.

“Honestly, that news didn’t bother me because me and my team were realistic, so we kind of figured that they would say that in the first place,” she said.

“I understand the situation that’s going on. So, I’m accepting of it, and I just know what I have to do moving forward in my career.”

While Sha’Carri Richardson has opted to take the high road, many fellow athletes are coming out to support her. Add Patrick Mahomes to that long list.

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