MLB Fans Celebrate After The Latest News From The Lockout

After a grueling lockout that has lasted the duration of the MLB offseason and threatened a full 162-game season, it was announced Thursday afternoon that baseball is back.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan made the announcement on Twitter that the MLB and players association had agreed to a tentative agreement on a new CBA.

“BREAKING: Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have reached a tentative agreement on a new labor deal, sources tell ESPN. While it still needs to be ratified by both parties, that is expected to be a formality, and when it is: Baseball is back,” Passan said on Twitter.

Immediately, MLB fans swarmed Twitter to share their relief that the season is back on.

The deal being done prior to the MLB-imposed deadline today means that we should still be set for a full season, with Opening Day in just 28 days.

All offseason, the players union stood firm on their stance that they would not be folding until they had a deal from the owners in place that they felt positioned the players for a future of success. And while it was reported that the union’s executive board was planning on voting against MLB’s latest proposal, the rest of the players supported the deal enough to push it through.

Regardless, baseball is back. And fans couldn’t be happier.

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