Brooklyn Nets GM Releases Statement On The Kyrie Irving Situation

Enigmatic Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving has done it again. After being a pain in the side of every organization he has been with, he’s now giving the Brooklyn Nets the same treatment. Recently, Kyrie Irving has gone rogue, citing “personal reasons” as his explanation for being away from the team.



While it was reported that Kyrie needed time to process things after the Capitol Building riots, he was seen out partying earlier in the week.

Brooklyn Nets GM Sean Marks released a statement on the whole Kyrie Irving situation.

“We are aware of a video on social media featuring Kyrie Irving at a family gathering. We are reviewing the circumstances with both Kyrie and the NBA in order to determine compliance with health and safety protocols,” Marks said in a statement. “Kyrie remains away from the team due to personal reasons. A date of his return has yet to be finalized. In the meantime, we will continue to stay focused on our organizational goals.”


What’s striking to me about this statement is that it makes it clear and obvious that the Nets still have no freakin idea what Kyrie Irving is thinking right now. Don’t you think you’d be in contact with your star player during a situation like this?

We simply have no idea when we’ll see Kyrie Irving on the court again. Maybe he doesn’t even know.

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