Former NBA Player Dominique Wilkins Says He Was Turned Away Because Of The Color Of His Skin

Dominique Wilkins posted on social media Saturday night that he was turned away from Le Bilboquet in Atlanta because he was black.


Wilkins continued to interact with people on Twitter after posting his comments saying that the restaurant originally said they had no tables, but then informed him that he was not dressed ‘fashionably enough.’

Le Bilboquet responded with an official statement: “We want to apologize to Mr. Wilkins for his experience at our restaurant and also for any confusion our dress code may have caused. We in no way intended for him to feel unwanted, and welcome an open dialogue with him. Our upscale dining experience and our brand’s culture is made up of multiple elements, which include our music, our food, and our patrons’ attire. We continue to strive to manifest our dining experience in a way that is exciting and most importantly, inclusive.”

Wilkins was inducted in to the NBA Hall of Fame in 2006 and currently works for the Atlanta Hawks as a vice president and special advisor to the CEO.

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