Video: NBA Player Montrezl Harrell Asked About LaMelo Ball During Police Stop

Police officers are NBA fans too.

NBA forward Montrezl Harrell was stopped   back in May in Kentucky where he was busted traveling in a car with three pounds of  marijuana. Harrell had a friend with him in the car, and they got pulled over for following a car too closely. Fllowing the traffic stop, Harrell was hit with drug trafficking charges, which have since been cleared  following a deal cut with prosecutors. Despite there being a copious amount of weed in the car,  cops were pretty interested in Harrell during the stop, as you can see in the video below, posted by TMZ.

The officers found out that Harrell is an NBA star who plays for the Charlotte Hornets, and it eventually led to an interesting encounter in which Harrell was asked about all things relating to the NBA.

Watch below:

During the Cops playing fan boys,  one of the cops asked Harrell about  LaMelo Ball, which led to Harrell saying:

“He’s a cool person. I mean, regular kid. At the end of the day, people got to understand he’s a kid.”

Ironically Harrell admits that the Philadelphia 76ers have the worst facilities in the league, which were made only a few months before Harrell signed with the Sixers.

If Harrell wasn’t an NBA player, I wonder how different this whole situation would have gone.

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