Danica Patrick Reveals New Side of Her Self in Latest Social Media Post

Is Danica Patrick trying to keep up with her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend?

The former -NASCAR driver turned podcaster revealed her “hippie chick” side in a recent Instagram photo. In the post, she also asked for recommendations for future podcast topics, including  aliens.

“I’m a deep-thinking hippie chick who loves to learn,” Patrick wrote in the caption. “So what would you guys like me to do podcasts about?! Or, who would you like me to do them with?!

“Health, aliens, fitness, philosophy, entrepreneurs, food, space, scientist, anti-aging, travel … ??????? Tell me what and who you’re curious about!”

See her post below:

The current podcast host and winemaker spoke about her last relationship.

“I think we learn the most about ourselves through relationships, but there’s nothing like heartbreak to really throw you in the deep end of that,” Patrick told host Grylls, according to People. “I’ve learned a lot, and as broken open as I was on the sad end, I have felt so much joy in so many more instances and so many more unlikely places than I ever have, so it’s like my heart got broken open to both ends of the spectrum.”

She also praised her family for being there for her during her breakup:

“[My dad is] always super proud of me. My mom too. My sister…I’m really fortunate that I have a family that’s super supportive. You gotta have someone you can fall apart with, you know?”

Rodgers and Danica dated for two years. Rodgers loves him some hippies.

Check out more of Rodgers ex below:

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