Antonio Brown Takes Credit for Logan Paul’s Boxing Career

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to dislike Antonio Brown, here’s another.

Former Buccaneers WR Antonio Brown, during his appearance on the Full Send podcast, spoke about his issues with Logan Paul.

The Youtuber/Influencer did have an altercation with AB, and rumors of a fight between the two were floating around.

AB was quick to take credit for launching Paul’s Boxing career.

“You know, Logan Paul wanted to fight me. I have been famous for a long time. I started off Logan Paul’s boxing career.”

Paul told TMZ about the receiver not agreeing to the match:

“He DM’d me, and he said something like, ‘I’m expecting a national apology.’ And I said, ‘I’m sorry you’re a b—h.’ I really am. That dude needs help”

Paul vs. Brown boxing matchup started in January of 2020 with the following exchange on social media:

These two should fight, hopefully they would both knock each other out simultaneously.

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