Antonio Brown Puts Tom Brady on Blast, Threatens his TB12 Trainer

Antonio Brown is back doing what he does best, catching headlines.

The former NFL wide receiver, whose sideline tirade during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers road game against the New York Jets last season included removing his uniform, throwing his gloves into the stands, and then marching across the field in the middle of a play on his way out of the building, yea that guy, just went after Tampa Bay Bucs QB Tom Brady and TB12 trainer Alex Guerrero on Twitter this morning.

Brown called out Tom Brady for his current leave of absence away from the Bucs, and had even harsher words for Tom’s trainer, Alex Guerrero.

See AB’s tweet below:

Antonio Brown tried to come for both Brady and Guererro before, as both were his targets after he was quickly released by the Bucs following his mid-game departure last season. Brady was involved in a recent tampering case with the Miami Dolphins, who allegedly spoke with him during the 2021 season about potentially becoming part-owner of the franchise.

The Dolphins received hefty penalties from the NFL for tampering with Brady, and like usual Tom walked away scot-free.

Brown, who claimed his outburst last year was due to an injury that required surgery, and not about him getting the damn ball, remains unsigned as a free agent.

And that’s exactly where he’ll remain. His NFL career is over and he knows it. The one guy who was willing to take him on is now his enemy. Seems like AB has burned all his bridges.

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