Detroit Lions Fans Fight in the Stands and the Streets During Philadelphia Eagles Game

Week 1 saw plenty of fan fights.

The Philadelphia Eagles eked out a tough win against the Detroit Lions in Week 1, 38-35. The Detroit Lions made a late comeback, but ultimately they lost a very close game. Jalen Hurts accounted for 333 yards and a touchdown and A.J. Brown had a career-high-tying 155 yards receiving in his Philadelphia debut, helping the Eagles hold on for a 38-35 win over the Lions. Meanwhile things weren’t as smooth in the stands and streets, as Detroit Lions fans fought, well, it looks like whoever they could, as fans looked amped to be back for the NFL season. One fight fan fight involved multiple people, and featured a guy dancing as things broke up.

Watch the wild fight outside below:

There were also fights inside the stadium, which is nothing new. Fans were as violent as any week 1 has ever seen.

Watch the fight inside below:

One fan who was rocking a Barry Sanders jersey of all things, left the action with a bloody nose. This is not the start the Detroit Lions fans envisioned after a solid showing on Hard Knocks.

Watch more below:

So overall, it was a pretty rough day in Detroit. The Detroit Lions have the Washington Commanders at home next week. Hopefully, their fans don’t travel as well.

The Philadelphia Eagles host the Minnesota Vikings on Monday, Sept. 19th. Expect plenty more madness from the fans.

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