Trevor Lawrence Opens Up About The Urban Meyer Situation

When Urban Meyer became a distraction to the Jaguars by being seen at an Ohio bar with younger woman, many openly wondered how Trevor Lawrence would react.

After all, Meyer was brought to Jacksonville mainly because he was believed to be the top candidate for Lawrence’s NFL development.

When speaking to the media earlier in the week, Urban Meyer said he apologized to specific players, including Trevor Lawrence.


After it was revealed that Urban Meyer spoke more extensively to the team on Wednesday, Trevor Lawrence took the podium – where he was asked about Meyer’s situation.

“He’s still my head coach. We’re a team and we’ll work through this,” Lawrence said of his coach’s transgressions.

Trevor Lawrence might have Urban Meyer’s back, but it’s been reported that other members of the team thought the whole situation was a complete joke. And a lot of guys are evidently wondering openly how Meyer can come back from this.

Although Lawrence has showed some flashes of brilliance, the Jaguars currently sit at an unsurprising 0-4 on the season.

If Urban Meyer doesn’t find a way out of this mess, the Jaguars might be looking elsewhere to find the right mentor for Trevor Lawrence.

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