Antonio Brown Involved in Scam Involving Fake Luxury Watch and Lil Wayne

Antonio Brown always finds a way to stay in the news.

The former NFL wide receiver is always doing something that has zero to do with football, his former career, which he pretty much threw away when he decided to quit during the middle of a game. There’s no better way to get up to speed on all things Antonio Brown than taking a look at Reddit, which highlights the wide receiver, who has engaged in a string of odd behavior that includes:

  • Killing piranhas inside of an aquarium in his home and refusing to pay the person who installed it
  • Claiming a private chef threatened him by putting a fish head in his freezer (which was actually being saved to make a stock)
  • Trying to get another private chef to obtain a fake vaccination card so he could play in the NFL
  • Asking someone on Twitter to do his homework for him after briefly enrolling in college

Brown has once again found himself dominating headlines in recent weeks thanks to a new string of incidents ranging from odd to disturbing—including his decision to expose himself at a public pool in Dubai and allegedly stealing close to $125,000 worth of jewelry while there.

According to All Hip Hop, Brown is involved in a lawsuit filed in Florida where he was named as the defendant after Secure the Bag Entertainment accused him of scamming the company out of around $500,000.

“In a lawsuit filed on Wednesday, October 6th, in a Sarasota County Circuit Court, a promoter for Secure the Bag Entertainment said Brown used Lil Wayne’s name to try and get a contract for $100,000. The complaint alleged that the athlete breached his contract and defamed the company over an “exclusive artist agreement” between him and Secure the Bag Entertainment.

One allegation is that he sold the company’s owner, Ryan Kane a fake high-end watch for $160,000. Other complaints said he defrauded the company out of $178,000 in counterfeit expenses for reimbursement and made a bunch of sexist, racist, lewd, and threatening messages to several STB execs and others. The lawsuit says the expenses included Brown spending $87,000 to rent a Los Angeles recording studio for five hours and about $8,500 to pay for some of Brown’s entourage to fly in a private jet.

It also states, when they refused to pay the expenses, the football player started making “defamatory statements on social media about STB writing bad checks and not paying their bills.” Kane said he considers Brown nothing but a “liar and a thief.””

According to Kane, he gave AB a $150,000 advance to sign with his company, believing he would shoot a video to promote “Cracked,” a song he did with Lil Wayne.

At this point getting involved in business with AB is just a risky proposition.

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