First Look At Madden 21 Gameplay Revealed During Xbox Series X Promo Event

Microsoft is apparently still on pace to release its new console, the Xbox Series X, at end of year despite the litany of issues created by COVID-19 that have derailed countless other forms of entertainment. The company held a reveal event that hyped new editions of Assassin’s CreedYakuza and a dozen other new titles for the system.

Madden is usually an easy pitch for people as the only NFL-licensed simulation game in town. And while I hold a soft spot for the series from decades of fandom, as well as calling and developing all of our eNFL contests with FanDuel, it’s hard to argue some of the iffy reactions on Twitter:

There is some sort of good news for that last guy: since Madden 21 will still likely hit shelves for current gen systems before the new iterations of Xbox and Playstation do, users will get a copy of the next gen version for free with that purchase.

Until NFL 2K gets back on the field in some form in 2021, Madden 21 will be the only game in town. Despite whatever gripes people may have, fair or unfair, you know it’ll be a top seller on the new consoles. The first edition of a sports game on a new console tends to be aboutu as bare bones as it can get with the graphical upgrades as the main selling point so I’m prepared to be disappointed. But I’ll be virtually lined up with a sticker that says “CHUMP” on it just like everyone else when the game and new console hit stores at on an yet-to-be-announced date this fall.

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