Lamar Jackson Returns Fire On Chris Simms Over Skipping OTA’s Comments

Lamar Jackson is all about that Action.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms doesn’t think Lamar Jackson wants to win that badly, or else why would he not be at voluntary OTA’s. Simms compared Jackson to Tom Brady, claiming Tom Brady didn’t miss voluntary team activities at that point in his career. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is still without a new contract, and was a no show at voluntary OTAs.

“I’ve heard Lamar Jackson say he wants to win Super Bowls, he wants to win a bunch of Super Bowls. I think there was a time where he said he wants to be like [Tom] Brady. I remember him saying that earlier in his career. Well, Brady wouldn’t be missing OTAs in Year 4 of his career. That’s what I want to say to some of these young quarterbacks.”

Jackson commented back at Simms, saying that he has no inclination of being the next Brady. He just wants to be himself, and he will be with his teammates when it matters most.

“Lamar wants to be Lamar Chris,” Jackson tweeted. “This part of OTAs is Voluntary my Guy I will be there, just not on your watch it’s probably other QBs not attending Voluntary OTAs either but since it’s Lamar it’s a huge deal. Find something else to talk about.”

When asked about Jackson’s absence, John Harbaugh decided against making any sort of comment.

“I’ll just let Lamar speak for himself on that,” Harbaugh said, via ESPN. “It’s for him to talk about.”

While a professional thing to say by Harbaugh, it’s not exactly backing his quarterback, either. Jackson’s teammates came to his defense.

“I know Lamar and I’ve talked with him. I know how hard he’s working,” Mark Andrews said. “He’s extremely motivated and extremely hungry. So there’s no worries over there.”

Lamar will be fine without making an appearance at OTA’s.  As long as his coaches and teammates understand the situation at hand, that’s all that matters.

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