Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson Is Reportedly ‘Pissed’ About Leaks To ESPN

Lamar Jackson is not happy.

Lamar Jackson continued to look like the exciting QB with his week one performance against the New York Jets. Lamar looked like he had a chip on his shoulder before the game even started. According to ProFootballTalk, Jackson is “pissed” that ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen leaked the details of the Baltimore Ravens’ latest contract offer just before the game kicked off. The deal the Ravens offered up is allegedly worth up to $290 million should Lamar be willing to accept it. Jackson would have been guaranteed $133 million at signing.


Per the ProFootballTalk report, there is strong evidence that the contract details were leaked by the NFLPA.

“Chris Mortensen of ESPN disclosing plenty of details about the contract.

The report has the union’s fingerprints all over it, in part because Mortensen specifically identified in one of his tweets “union sources.” In other words, someone from the union was talking. Per a source with knowledge of Jackson’s mindset regarding the negotiations, he will be “pissed” that something was said by someone with the NFL Players Association.”

Jackson finished the afternoon going 17 of 30  for 213 yards with three touchdowns.  Lamar Jackson is on his fully guaranteed fifth-year option this year, earning $23.02 million.

Now that the season has begun, Lamar said he will no longer negotiate any contract extensions. He will most likely face the first of two franchise tags, with the non-exclusive tag equaling $29.7 million and the exclusive tag $45.5 million.

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