LeBron James Accused of Throwing Up Gang Signs During Championship Celebration

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James won his 4th NBA title last night. As expected, he celebrated following the final buzzer sounding. And it appeared he was also  sending hidden messages during his celebration.

And those messages were received loud and clear. Some gang members believe that Lebron was trolling them, by attempting to prove he’s better than Michael Jordan and by throwing up the gang sign of the Gangster Disciple’s biggest rivals, the Gangster Disciples Killers.


The hand sign, called “The Rakes” is known as one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a Gangster Disciple member, so I’ve read.

Twitter reacted swiftly:


LeBron better be careful if that hand sign was truly a callout. You don’t want to piss off any Gangster Disciple member.

LeBron has also been connected to the Illuminati in the past, so there’s that too.

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