New York Giants Cornerback Logan Ryan Says Team Trainers May Have Saved His Wife’s Life

Logan Ryan and his wife, Ashley, had an eventful Monday Night. Ryan says he’s thankful for team trainers after a very scary situation impacted his wife’s health during the Giants-Bucs game.

Here’s Logan Ryan telling the story.

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Apparently Ashley had a stomach ache. She wanted to sleep it off, but after Ryan talked to team trainers, where they convinced Ashley to go to the hospital.

That’s where she got news that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the egg was in the wrong place, and her Fallopian Tube was about to burst.

Logan Ryan gives credit to team trainer Justin Maher for his role in potentially saving his wife’s life. At the very least, they got out in front of what could have been an even worse situation.

Ashley posted this message, where she shares her story.

It looks like Logan Ryan, his wife, and his family will all be ok. Great news here. Ryan said he felt the need to share this story because of how much he values Joe Judge and the Giants organization. He added that Judge told him that he didn’t need to worry about football after this scary news.

It sounds like the Giants have good people in their organization.

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