Kyrie Irving’s Latest Cryptic Social Media Post Confuses Everyone

Kyrie Irving has been sitting out for the entire NBA season thus far over his refusal to take the COVID vaccine.

At first, Kyrie deemed that he wasn’t abstaining from the shot not because of his views against the science. But rather to be “a voice for the voiceless” or something like that.

After all, that explanation from Kyrie Irving may have been BS, as well.

On Wednesday, Kyrie Irving took to social media to share what appeared to be an attempt to be profound.


The comment section on Kyrie Irving’s Instagram post was flooded with people who were wondering what the f-k this was supposed to mean.

And the confusion rolled over to some Twitter users, as well.

Kyrie Irving made news earlier in the week when he declared that he might be willing to take a plant-based alternative to the COVID vaccine – which, of course, will never exist.

It’s a damn shame, too, because Irving is one of the most exciting players in the NBA to watch. And he’s depriving all of us by refusing to do what it takes to be on the floor.

Don’t be surprised if we don’t see Kyrie Irving suit up at all this season.

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