Brooks Koepka Accusing Bryson DeChambeau of Steroid Use in Troll Tweet Sets Up the Rivalry Golf Needs

The fires of golf’s favorite rivalry have been stoked once again. On Tuesday afternoon, Brooks Koepka sent a tweet that has since gone viral. The video Koepka tweeted is of Kenny Powers, the washed up minor league ballplayer portrayed by Danny McBride (no relation) on Eastbound & Down, and shows Powers reacting to a question about steroid abuse.

The entire golf world was quick to assume Koepka was taking a shot at his newly muscled rival, Bryson DeChambeau. As Chris Spags covered last week, DeChambeau showed up on the newly restarted Tour looking completely shredded with an additional 30 pounds of muscle, which he attributed to a ludicrous diet usually reserved for playing Wolverine, not putting a golf ball.

Koepka’s tweet didn’t specify that he was referring to DeChambeau, but when you have a newly jacked archrival and you send a steroid-related tweet, people are going to be pretty quick to jump from A to troll.

It’s not the most wild accusation in the world. Since the Tour’s restart, DeChambeau has not missed a top-eight finish, and he won won this weekend’s Rocket Mortgage Classic shooting a -16 while obliterating the 15-year-old PGA record for average driving distance. Tiger Woods had set that mark at 341.5 yards in 2005. DeChambeau’s average driving distance last week was 350.6 yards. If you believe that gain was made with only protein shakes as a chemical assistant, I have some purely hit home runs from 1998 and 2001 to show you.

DeChambeau didn’t help his case when he was caught on video berating a cameraman during the tournament this weekend. Fans have been quick to make the connection between this incident and “roid rage.”

DeChambeau said of the cameraman “He was literally watching me the whole entire way up after getting out of the bunker, walking up next to the green,” so, maybe DeChambeau just needs someone to explain to him how television broadcasts work?


Golf fans were quick to jump on the rivalry, calling for an immediate pairing in this week’s event:

This isn’t the first time these two have gotten into it either. In 2019 Koepka criticized DeChambeau for his notoriously slow methodical play. “The Professor” has been known to frustrate opponents and fans by taking several minutes to line up a shot. The comments at the time led to the two having a private talk before a round late in the year, with both golfers saying things had been productive, although not quite that the hatchet had been buried.

“I mentioned his name once, so I don’t think I’ve come at him. I just talked about slow play, and obviously he feels like I’m talking about him every time” Koepka would say at the time. Which sounds like a line we might hear repeated about this Kenny Powers steroids tweet sometime later today.

Earlier this year these two renewed their rivalry when they got into a bizarre back and forth after DeChambeau said Koepka “doesn’t even have abs” on a live stream.

Koepka won this round as well, with a sharp Twitter response.

Anyone capable of this level of Twitter mastery definitely knew exactly what he was doing and how it would be taken when he sent the Kenny Powers tweet. This one should be fun to watch over the next few weeks. Here’s hoping the powers that be do the smart thing and put these two together for this week’s event.

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