Immediate Follow: @TrickShotCop Calls Game, Makes Craziest Shot You’ll See

Sometimes you just know a good follow when you see one. This video is circulating on a few different social media handles. If you’re familiar with the internet, you know that most of those people aren’t sourcing it to the actual creator of the content. That creator is @trickshotcop on Instagram, and he deserves your immediate like and follow.

@TrickShotCop Community Policing Done Right

Say what you want about his blatant backcourt violation, that’s a game winner in my book.


@TrickShotCop is an LAPD officer named Arius George, and he’s been at this for a while, using basketball as a means of community outreach and bonding with the citizens he polices. You may have seen a few of his other videos go viral or get coverage on TMZ, and he was tapped for a charity event with the Harlem Globetrotters last year.


George has not shied away from the moment over the last few days.

There are a bunch of these on @TrickShotCop’s Instagam, but the best are those that include kids reacting.

What a great example of a cop doing things right. @TrickShotCop got my follow, I think he deserves yours too. This is obviously a cop with a big heart, a great sense of humor and some absolutely sick basketball skills.

Here’s to more just like him.

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