Philadelphia 76ers Fans Are Calling For The Team To Trade Ben Simmons Following Miserable Collapse

Ben Simmons’ days in Philadelphia could be numbered.

For the second consecutive game, the 76ers had an epic collapse at the end of the game, allowing the Atlanta Hawks to come back and win a playoff game. This time, the Sixers held a 26-point lead before squandering it away in the fourth quarter.


After another lackluster effort, disgruntled 76ers fans are coming out in droves to call for the team to trade Ben Simmons.


The Ben Simmons hate didn’t stop there.

Ben Simmons was laughably unaggressive once again in Game Five, shooting just 2-4 from the field for eight points. He also had just nine assists and four rebounds in his 38 minutes of play.

Since Joel Embiid and Simmons have been paired together, they’ve proven to have no chemistry on or off the court.

Is it time for Philadelphia to just pull the plug on Ben Simmons, and move forward with Joel Embiid as their sole cornerstone?

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