Kliff Kingsbury Spotted With Girlfriend on Vacation to Meet the Parents

2022 will be a huge year for Kliff Kingsbury.

Kliff is on the head coach “hot seat” list, he’s one of the guys who are most at-risk for losing their jobs if they don’t take their team to the next level. Away from the field, he’s also on the hot seat. For one, he’s slowly becoming more comfortable being on his girlfriend’s IG, and he’s now living with his GF Veronica, after taking things slow the past year or so.

And two, Kliff is finally meeting his girlfriend’s parents, which obviously is a huge step.

From our source:

“Kliff and Veronica are living together.  She goes back to Poland for brief periods (vacations with her friends) and then she comes back.  She was his date to the McVay wedding.  The interesting thing and what could be a story is that Kingsbury said “you won’t be able to find me”.  Currently Kliff and Veronica are in Croatia.  Kingsbury is also meeting her family in Poland for the first time while he is over there.”

You can see Kliff below:

Kliff recently said he’ll be off the grid for a while.

Via Cardswire.com:

“The next month is my time,” he said last week. “Y’all won’t see me.”

He isn’t just getting out of town. He is leaving the U.S. for now.

“I will be of the country,” he said, “unreachable for any of y’all.”

He won’t have to do press conferences or radio interviews. He gets away from football for a bit.

Looks like we found him.

Best of luck to Kliff on meeting the parents.

Check out more of  Kliff’s girlfriend below:

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