Al Michaels’ Golf Bloopers Stole The Show During The Manning Brothers MNF Broadcast

The Manning brothers’ Monday Night Football broadcast is back! And Surprisingly, Al Michaels (of all people) kicked off the show with a bang.

During his scheduled appearance on the broadcast, Peyton and Eli played a highlight reel tape of Michaels playing golf. And it was probably the most hilariously relatable video we’ll ever see involving the NBC broadcaster.

Al Michaels is seen duffing the ball all over the place while aggressively yelling expletives at himself.


Fans everywhere got a huge kick out of the Al Michaels golfing tape.

Al Michaels took the whole thing like a good sport. And with good reason…we can all relate to losing our sh-t on the golf course.

The video might have been more captivating than the actual game, itself. So far, the Niners are running all over the Rams in a big upset effort to spoil Odell Beckham Jr’s debut.

All I know is that I could use some more videos of Al Michaels on the golf course.

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