Becky Hammon’s Salary Has WNBA Player Fuming

Liz Cambage isn’t a happy camper about how much she’s being paid.

It also bothers her that Becky Hammon is making way more than she is, and every other player in the WNBA.

The veteran WNBA star reacted this week to the news that Hammon, the newly named Las Vegas Aces head coach, will make at least $1 million in annual salary in the role.

Hammon is the first coach to reach seven figures.

Cambage, an unrestricted free agent whose return to the Aces is a large question mark, took to Twitter to blast the salary by comparing it to players’ salaries and travel concerns.

“ahhh yes the WNBA, where a head coach can get paid 4X the highest paid players super max contract. lmao and y’all think ima spend another season upgrading my seat on a flight to get to games out of my own pocket.”

Cambage has often spoke out about the poor pay she touched on this week, and said the WNBA is not where she plans to stay long-term.

She told ESPN in 2018:

“I’ve said this many times: [The WNBA] doesn’t pay my bills … playing here doesn’t pay my bills,” Cambage said. “We make more money overseas. I’m ready to have next summer off and focus on getting a European contract where its 10 seasons here worth the pay.

“I really don’t get paid enough to be beaten up every game. I’m not a WWE wrestler and that’s how it feels sometimes out on the court.”

The WNBA players  don’t get paid a ton because the interest  isn’t there, nor are the enormous TV contracts.

That’s just the reality of it all.

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