Kyrie Irving Rips Women With OnlyFans Accounts During Twitch Livestream Rant

Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

Kyrie Irving was spotted playing Grand Theft Auto Online on a live stream on Twitch, fans in the comment section immediately noticed that he was looking pretty high. To make matters a little more controversial Kyrie went on a rant about the adult platform, OnlyFans.

“F*k outta here bruh. That’s how you know I’m getting tired, when I start telling myself jokes. As you see, I just been running around this whole time, doing sht.

“Ayy yo, y’all gotta chill, man. Yo, if you have an OnlyFans account, I have no comment. None. None whatsoever. I have no problem with OnlyFans, none. None. You won’t get my debit card though, I’ll tell you that. You won’t even get a free subscription from me, I’m sorry. I have no problem with it, don’t get me wrong. That’s not for me. It may be for you. Y’know what I mean? Keep the tissue papers off ya night stand.

Watch below:

“Bruhhh, what? Yo, bro, what? Aww man, look at that, I opened up the door for some weird sh*t. Y’all, I shouldn’t even have said that bruh shouldn’t even have said it.”

Twitter went in:

For a guy who doesn’t like to be judged, Kyrie sure likes to pass judgment on others. In one fell swoop Kyrie ripped both subscribers and proprietors of OnlyFans accounts.

Is Kyrie condemning those who pleasure themselves?? C’mon man, don’t throw stones…

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