Kyrie Irving Reportedly Ran His Own Practice After Steve Nash Finished His

Here we go again.

The war of words is already escalating between Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets, with reports yesterday that the sides were at an “impasse” in contract extension negotiations. Now comes a report about Irving’s fit and tensions with the Nets, courtesy of ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith via First Take.

“Did you know that this brother Kyrie Irving last season would conduct his own practices?” he said. “So when Steve Nash had the team on the floor, and they practiced, they would finish and he’d go and get five guys and conduct his own practice. … Do you have any idea how disrespectful that is to Steve Nash?”

Smith’s report comes on the same day that Shams Charania wrote for The Athletic that “conversations about Irving’s future have gone stagnant between him and the Nets” and that an “impasse currently exists among the parties” that could open the door to his departure. Kyrie was already being linked  to a few teams.

Kyrie reacted to the reports, and he didn’t seem too upset by them.

Irving’s time in Brooklyn has been eventful, to say the least.

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