Klay Thompson Keeping an Eye on Travis Kelce’s Ex Girlfriend

Klay Thompson is a shooter.

By all accounts, Travis Kelce has broken up with his long-time girlfriend Kayla Nicole once again. This time around according to a wild rumor, it wasn’t for “cheating” but rather for being cheap. . Reportedly, the 32-year-old was making his fiance pay half for everything they did during the relationship. And this according to the story, was the main reason behind the couple calling off their relationship.

We called this breakup weeks before this wild rumor hit the net.

Back in 2020, the couple split up for the first time publicly being in a relationship since 2017. The former Super Bowl Champion was alleged for cheating behind her back.

At this point it seems they are still broken up, so that’s where Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson comes into play.  We got word that Klay has been following and unfollowing Kayla, which is a technique used to get someone’s attention. As of now Klay is following Kayla Nicole.

See below:

Klay has been putting out plenty of feelers lately, namely one that got caught on camera. 

Looks like Klay is keeping busy during the NBA  Finals, can’t blame the guy for trying to catch a big fish.

We’ll see if his off the court shooting helps his shooting tonight in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Check out some pics of Klay’s latest target below:

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