Aaron Rodgers New Girlfriend Didn’t Have a Problem With Being Called a Witch Before

Aaron Rodgers is always in the news during the offseason.

His latest girlfriend is keeping his name running on the net 24/7. The Green Bay Packers Quarterback has a new girlfriend after splitting up with Shailene Woodley. We broke the story, Rodgers is a dating a medicine woman, and a woman who identifies as a witch.


“It seems like yesterday when Aaron was professing his love and gratitude to his fiancé Shailene Woodley.  Aaron has rebounded once again. The timeline is a little fuzzy on this one! She calls herself Blu of Earth. Blu changed her name from her birth name, Charlotte Brereton. Blu describes herself as a witch, claims she’s a medicine woman (she has a Bachelor in Broadcast Communication) and is into psychedelic drugs.  This should be good says our source. 

Rodgers girlfriend caught wind of herself making the rounds on the internet thanks to our story, and didn’t deny she and Aaron Rodgers are together. Instead Blu took to her IG story to clarify a few things, one she’s not a witch. 

Now according to some video that was sent in to us, it’s not the first time she’s been called a witch. Blu was a guest on a podcast, and didn’t have a problem with being called a witch by the podcast host Aubrey Marcus.  In fact she was proud and chuckled when she was called a ” White Witch”

Watch below to hear Blu being called a witch around the 35:00 minute mark:

Sounds like Blu does actually identify as a witch. Guess it wasn’t a good look for Aaron Rodgers dating a woman who identifies as  a witch.

Aaron Rodgers’ career and personal life have been on a roller coaster this year. The reigning NFL MVP is now back where he started. Good luck with that Witch Aaron, hopefully it doesn’t end poorly, probably not easy to end things with a witch.

Check out more of Rodgers new girlfriend Blu below:

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