The Internet Was Convinced Klay Thompson Was Shooting His Shot at Malika Andrews

Klay Thompson loves the ladies.

Last night’s crowd at TD Garden in Boston was about as expected for the first NBA Finals game in Boston in 12 years. One player was not a fan of the Celtics faithful. Golden State Warriors sharp shooter Klay Thompson spoke out following the NBA Finals Game 3 loss to the C’s.

“It was not a factor,” Thompson said. “We’ve played in front of rude people before. Dropping F-bombs with children in the crowd. Real classy. Good job, Boston.”

Before the game, Klay wasn’t too focused on the raucous Boston Crowd. Instead, he appeared to be paying close attention to ESPN reporter Malika Andrews. Twitter was pretty sure Klay was doing his best to get Malika’s attention. A video clip of Klay trying to check out Malika quickly went viral.

Check out all the tweets below:

We last linked Klay to Instagram model Paige Carmen.

Interestingly enough, Malika Andrews is reportedly dating co-Worker Dave McMenamin.  

Klay is a shooter, that’s what shooters do, they shoot their shot. You can’t blame him for trying, Malika would be a major pull for the Splash Bro.

Check out more of the ESPN beauty below:

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