Steve Nash Provides Promising Update On Ben Simmons Ahead Of Game Two

Even if it’s only for about 20 minutes a game, the Brooklyn Nets could really use Ben Simmons’ services right about now.

After falling to the Celtics on a Jayson Tatum buzzer beater in Game One, the help Simmons could provide as a perimeter defender (if nothing else) would surely give them a boost. But as the days go on, it still remains ominous on if Simmons can return at any point during the Celtics series.

When speaking to the media ahead of the Game Two matchup on Wednesday night, Nets coach Steve Nash provided another update on Ben Simmons.

Now, Simmons is starting to get some on-court practice in.

Steve Nash’s latest update on Ben Simmons is bound to excite some Nets fans.

However, the final hurdle will be Simmons feeling well enough mentally (as well as physically) to be thrown into an already-emotional playoff series. And to this point, he’s given no indication he’s ready for all that.

When the Nets trading for Ben Simmons mid-season, they certainly had to have felt that he could give them a boost in the playoffs. But for now, it remains to be seen whether or not we’ll be seeing that this season.

We’ll continue to monitor for any updates.

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