SI Writer Shows Of His Aaron Hernandez Tattoo With Bizarre Message

There’s not too many people who want to be attached to Aaron Hernandez.

The former Patriots tight end is one of the most disgraced athletes in the history of American sports. Hernandez was convicted of murder in 2015.

Despite all of this, a Sports Illustrated writer has his autograph tattooed on his hand.

Sports Illustrated writer Danny Kelly took to Social media to share a photo of his Aaron Hernandez tattoo, while also wearing his Patriots jersey.

“I am wearing my Hernandez jersey today as a reminder we are saved by grace through faith and not by our works (Ephesians 2:8). Aaron understood that. He used his own blood to share that truth. That’s why his autograph is tattooed on my hand,” Kelly wrote on Twitter.

Kelly also shared a link to the ESPN story that reported on Hernandez’s suicide back in 2017. Hernandez, who was found dead in his Souza-Baranowski prison cell, had ‘John 3:16’ written in ink on his forehead at the time of his death.

What about ‘Thou Shall not Kill’ forgot about that one, huh?

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