Frank Vogel’s Quote On Why LeBron James Isn’t At Games Is Turning Heads

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James has been out for a little while with an apparent ankle injury. While the Lakers continued to struggle without LeBron against the Clippers on Thursday, James was not even in attendance.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel was asked why LeBron wasn’t there this week, and his answer didn’t exactly sit well with fans.

“He’s just not here,” Vogel said.


Fans reacted to the Lakers coach opting not to explain why LeBron James hasn’t showed up to the games or played.

I’m not sure I really understand this quote by Frank Vogel. We all saw LeBron tweak his ankle during a game recently. Even if he is back to 100%, wouldn’t it be better (for many reasons) to just say that LeBron is resting the ankle?

Now, he’s created a whole story centered around why LeBron James is not playing right now. That’s some noise that the Lakers simply don’t need right now. They have enough issues.

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