Struggling Celtics Looking To Make Big Moves Ahead Of The Trade Deadline

The Boston Celtics entered the season as one of the favorites to come out of the Eastern Conference. Their season has been a letdown as they are just 21-22 through 43 games. With the March 25th trade deadline rapidly approaching, the Celtics are reportedly eyeing two big-time players in potentially blockbuster deals. According to Jared Weiss and Sam Amick of The Athletic, the Celtics are very interested in getting a deal for Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon done.

Via The Athletic:


“Sources say the Celtics, whose significant struggles this season appear to have increased the pressure to add another impactful player in time for the playoff push, have been among the teams engaged with the Magic about a possible Gordon deal,” they wrote.

Trading for Gordon would be a big deal for the Celtics, however, it doesn’t come without its negatives. Aaron Gordon is an extremely talented forward with a huge upside. Aaron Gordon wouldn’t completely fill the shoes of Gordon Hayward, but he would pose a threat at the wing that the Celtics have been lacking. On the other hand, trading for Gordon would likely mean dealing a player like Marcus Smart.


If not Aaron Gordon, the Celtics are interested in another star player from the Magic: Evan Fournier. Although Fournier has missed almost half the season with injuries, when healthy, he can be a valuable contributor. So far this year he is averaging a career-high 19.1 points per game.

Should the Celtics decide to trade for Fournier or Gordon, both are capable of making a significant contribution to the team. Danny Ainge has been ranting about the teams’ woes pretty much the entire season. If not Gordon or Fournier, he owes it to the team to get some sort of deal done ahead of the trade deadline.

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