Jayson Tatum Speaks On Potential Kevin Durant-Celtics Trade

Could Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant be the next great dynamic duo in the NBA?

Earlier in the week, it was reported that the Celtics were floating Jaylen Brown in trade talks with the Nets in order to acquire KD.

With all the buzz surrounding the Celtics’ pursuit of Kevin Durant, Jayson Tatum was asked about the potential move.

“I played with him during the Olympics,” he told reporters. “He’s a great player. But that’s not my decision. I love my team. I love the guys that we got. I don’t know if that report is true or not.”

Jayson Tatum would go on to say that he wasn’t necessarily buying into all the Kevin Durant reports out there.

“I don’t believe everything I see on TV,” Tatum said. “I’ve seen some (expletive) on me that was a lie. You never really know what’s true or what’s not true.”

Obviously, the addition of Kevin Durant would turn the Celtics into perennial championship favorites heading into next season. But Jayson Tatum isn’t so sure there’s any smoke to all these rumors out there.

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