The Nets May Be Ready To Make Another Big Addition To Their Roster

The Brooklyn Nets were recently part of a huge blockbuster trade that involved bringing in James Harden. Now their new big three might become a big four. Zach Harper of The Athletic reported that multiple league sources believe it is “only a matter of time” before Cleveland Cavaliers big man Andre Drummond joins the Nets following the James Harden trade. The big move is dependent on Drummond securing a buyout from the Cavs.

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Andre Drummond is on an expiring contract that owes him $28.75 million this season. Should Drummond get traded to the Nets, we are talking about the league’s next superteam. The Nets already have a virtually unlimited amount of scoring in Kyrie, Kevin Durant, and now James Harden. Add Andre Drummond to the mix and you have the most complete team in the NBA.


Andre Drummond is the league’s best rebounder. His prowess on the boards would be a fearsome addition to the Nets’ offense. The one issue is he does command a lot of touches down low and can get easily frustrated when he isn’t getting fed enough. That might be a clash with the scoring in the backcourt the Nets already have. But adding Andre Drummond to an all-star studded roster seems like a definite positive.

The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing a more valuable big man like Drummond, but the move is ultimately contingent on the Cavs. Look out for more information on the trade rumor in the coming days.

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