Petition Started to Get NBA Ref, Rockets Nemesis Scott Foster Fired

Scott Foster seems to always be trending on Twitter when the Rockets are playing. Maybe it’s because the longtime NBA ref has a rather interesting, possibly just coincidental, history with the team.

Of course, Scott Foster’s bias towards making sure Chris Paul loses overcame his bias towards making sure the Rockets lose in the Game 7 match-up between the Rockets and Thunder last week.

This just gave Foster the opportunity to start a new streak of officiating games in which the Rockets lose as he took the floor for Game 2 of the Rockets-Lakers series. And of course, the Rockets lost. Naturally, Twitter was abuzz with social media statisticians point out the discrepancies in fouls called in the game.

Fire Scott Foster!

Now action is being taken as a petition has been launched to get Scott Foster fired as a NBA official. If you feel like the reason the Rockets are losing is because Scott Foster is officiating instead of because Russell Westbrook can’t really shoot and takes terrible shots then you should sign this petition!


Whatever the case, bettors out there have already noted this interesting trend and I say keep riding! Scott Foster may or may not hate the Rockets, but I’m all for riding trends that always hit. Is it logical? Probably not, but if we bettors wanted logical then we would invest in like fucking mutual funds or something.

Back in 2019, the Marlins lost every, single fucking game on Thursday. Every. Single. One. Tell somebody who bet against the Marlins every Thursday that it was just a completely random occurrence and had no logical basis behind it. They don’t give a fuck because they are rich! I love random occurrences! Those are the best.

As for today’s NBA playoff games, none of the teams playing today have ever lost a playoff game on Labor Day. That is a fact. They are also all winless so something’s gotta give. Good luck! And sign the Scott Foster petition.

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