Henry Ruggs 911 Audio Following DUI Accident Released

The Henry Ruggs crash continues to reveal new details.

Henry Ruggs was formally charged by prosecutors this week for allegedly driving drunk when he crashed into another vehicle, killing the driver.

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Ruggs was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. 23-year-old Tina Tintor and her dog were killed in the blaze.

Ruggs was reportedly driving 156 miles per hour just before the crash. The former Raiders receiver also had a blood-alcohol content of .161, twice the legal limit.

Newly released 911 calls are now being released.

“A female caller who said she lives near the scene of the accident claimed she was in bed when she heard the crash, and when she looked at the crash site, all she saw were flames.

“It’s almost all gone,” she said of the fire-engulfed vehicle, continuing, “and I think someone is in it.”

The woman is clearly panicked … and pleading with the 911 operator to get help to the scene.

The woman also said she heard what she described as “kids just yelling for help.”

But, she said the flames were so high “you can’t get near it.”

Listen below:

In the second call, a man, who heard, but didn’t see the crash, told authorities, “I want to say the [Corvette] was probably speeding. I mean, I heard loud revving, loud noises, and then a big collision.”

According to prosecutors, the NFL star could face over 50 years behind bars if convicted on all counts.

An all around tragedy.

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