Paige Spiranac Shows Off Her Hot Dog Eating Skills

Paige Spiranac eating hot dogs is great content, and Paige has proven to be really good at Social Media. If you haven’t been following as long as I have, you need to start now. Paige took the July 4 weekend to the next level by holding her very own Hot Dog eating contest on America’s birthday. Of course, she’s not Joey Chestnut, who ended up setting a world record with 76 hot dogs.

But you have to try your best even though you know you’re not built for shoving hot dogs down your mouth.

Watch Paige try her hand at speed eating below:


If you don’t love this country after watching this video, you might just need to move somewhere else.

This is exactly what the 4th is all about.

Nice work Paige on getting to almost 7.

Check out more of the golfing beauty below:

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