LeBron James Left the Court With Time Still on the Clock in Loss to Heat

LeBron James was not a very happy camper in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.  So much so, that before the final seconds expired off the clock, LeBron had already left the court.

LeBron looked up at the clock and saw that the game was over, so he turned and began walking to the dressing room with 10 seconds still on the clock.


When the shot clock expired and the Lakers were already leaving the floor, there was an awkward few moments where four Lakers stood around on the court and waited for one more teammate to join them.

LeBron was asked about leaving early during the post game presser:

A true measure of one’s character is not how you behave when things are easy, but how you act when things don’t go your way.

Definitely not a good look by LeBron.

And just like that we have a series.

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