According to Paige VanZant She’s Already Made A Sex Tape

Paige VanZant is sharing all the dirty details of her sex life.

The MMA hottie did a little Q&A for her loyal followers on Instagram, and the questions came flying in. The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fighter was more than willing to share intimate details of her life.


Paige was asked by one of her followers if she would ever make a sex tape with her husband Austin Vanderford.

Guess what, she’s already made one.

Watch below:

“Would I? We definitely already have. Would I ever share it, sell it, promote it? Hmm, that’s a different story.”

I imagine if things ever get really bad for her financially, dropping a sex tape could be very lucrative.

But with her OnlyFans account pulling in major cash, I highly doubt it will ever see the light of day.

Fingers crossed.

Check out more of the MMA hottie below:

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