Kyrie Irving Reportedly Lied About Why He’s Not Willing to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine

Kyrie lied about his reasoning for not wanting the vaccine?

The Brooklyn Nets star said he was refusing the vaccine to be a voice for the voiceless as many people have lost their jobs due to refusing the vaccine.

According to a report from Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports, some sources close to Kyrie Irving are claiming that he lied about that reasoning, as he didn’t want to be dubbed as an anti-vaxxer. Instead, Kyrie simply does not trust the vaccine and would rather not take it altogether.

Via Bally:

“Those closest to him also have shared that Irving knows anything he says will be magnified and scrutinized and he doesn’t want to be viewed as an anti-vaxxer. He’s not taking this stance to be a voice for the voiceless. He’s just not trusting of the available vaccines, according to sources.

Irving also does not want to get vaccinated because of bad experiences with his health due to basketball injuries over the years.”

Irving is still keeping in shape just in case something changes regarding his eligibility status.

“According to people close to him, the seven-time All-Star has been working out pretty regularly, focusing on cardio, weight training and meditation, and spending time with his immediate family. “This is the happiest that I’ve seen Kyrie in years,” one source said.”

Kyrie seems to be a contrarian at heart, so the fact that he’s once again going against the grain is the  least bit surprising.

This is what you get with Kyrie on your team.

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