LSU Fans React With Rage To News Of COVID Vaccine Being Needed To Attend Game

A lot of LSU fans are filled with rage on Tuesday.

With the college football season right around the corner, LSU dropped the bombshell that they will be requiring all of their fans to show proof of receiving the COVID vaccine or a negative test to attend their games.


Unsurprisingly, a lot of LSU Tigers fans weren’t too happy with the news coming out of their beloved school.

LSU explained their decision to require vaccines or a negative test.

“As the flagship institution of the state of Louisiana, our foremost responsibility is to ensure the safety of our students, our supporters, and our community,” LSU President William Tate IV said. “While we are aware of the diverse perspectives across the nation regarding masks and vaccinations, we must take all reasonable measures to protect our campus and community, not only on gamedays, but long after guests have left Tiger Stadium. The current threat to our lives, our health, and to our medical systems due to COVID-19 is overburdening our hospitals, and we must do our part to stop the spread.”

“We have the best fans in college football, and we are doing everything we can to ensure their experience in Tiger Stadium this fall is safe and enjoyable,” Athletic Director Scott Woodward said. “When our fans arrive on Saturdays to cheer on the Tigers, they will have confidence that we have taken measures to mitigate their health risks. Our football team has reached 99.1% vaccination, and we are incredibly proud of them for doing their part to protect their team and their community. We are confident our fans will do the same, and I encourage all Tiger fans to receive vaccinations today.”

LSU was sure to know that this decision wouldn’t sit well with a lot of their fans, but they went for it anyways.

It’ll be interesting to see if other schools follow suit.

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