Kyrie Irving And Dennis Schröder Both Ejected After Racial Slur

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving and Los Angeles guard Dennis Schröder were both ejected just moments into the third quarter of their game on Saturday night. For both, it was their first ever ejections of their careers. Schröder presumably used a racial slur in which Irving took offense to.


Both guards were seen arguing after a play in the third quarter and needed refs and teammates to separate them. Both were ejected after the arguing continued. The reasons weren’t exactly clear on first look, but Irving took to Twitter this morning to share his side of the story.

After reviewing the play a little closer, you can make out that Schröder seems to use the racial slur when getting in to the confrontation with Irving.

Irving managed 18 points, with four rebounds, in his 21 minutes of action. While Schröder was able to produce 19 points, one rebound, and four assists in his 20 minutes. The Lakers went on to defeat the Nets 126 – 101 in Brooklyn.

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