NFL Community Has Mixed Reaction To The Jimmy Garoppolo Trade Speculation

Jimmy Garoppolo is making things awfully complicated for the San Francisco 49ers.

Last year, the Niners traded up in the first round of the draft to select Garoppolo’s apparent successor, Trey Lance. But given an opportunity to start for one more season, Jimmy G has done a whole lot of winning.

After getting hot at the end of the regular season, Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers snuck into the playoffs. And now, they find themselves on a run to the Conference Championship this weekend.

Despite the run they’ve been on with Jimmy G, NFL insider Ian Rapport is still thinks they’ll look to use the QB as a trade chip in the offseason.

“The 49ers are gonna have significant trade interest for Jimmy G this offseason,” Rapoport said. “They’ll have the opportunity to trade him for a real draft pick & turn things over to Trey Lance.”

With a few different obvious possible trade destinations for Jimmy Garoppolo, fans from all over weighed in on whether they want the quarterback to come take over their team’s offense.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s stats or ability might not jump off the page at anybody. But he’s been able to execute Kyle Shanahan’s offense better than any of the other “game managers” who have come in to replace him during his time away due to injury.

Sure, Jimmy G might not be the most exciting move for a team you’re rooting for. But at the end of the day, it’s really hard to knock a guy who wins at such a high clip in the regular season and playoffs.

Someone will leap at Jimmy Garoppolo if the Niners put him on the market this offseason. And it’ll be interesting to see who that team ends up being.

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