Tom Brady’s First NFL Touchdown Pass Hitting the Auction Block

How much would you pay for Tom Brady’s first NFL touchdown pass? The pigskin that Tom Brady threw to complete his first touchdown in his NFL career is going up for auction with Lelands this weekend. The seller, who wishes to remain anonymous, has had the ball since the game on Oct. 14, 2001, when the New England Patriots played the San Diego Chargers.


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“Looking from the 50-yard line to the south end zone, the left field goal post, I sat to the left of that,” the seller said. “[Place-kicker] Scott Sisson, we called him Missin’ Sisson. I caught a lot of balls in that stadium because he would miss field goals.”

“It was a melee. I stood up on my seat, I pushed my buddy to my left,” the seller said. “The other two guys, I handed them my beer in a gentle way. I jumped up, tussled with a group of other fans around me and I came down with the ball.”

Lelands previously sold the infamous “Deflated” football from the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game defeat of the Colts in 2014 .

That ball sold in July 2015 for $43,740.

This one is going to blow that price out of the water.

Stay tuned.

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