Sean Payton Reportedly Eyeing 3 Teams for Return to Coaching in 2023

Is Sean Payton coming out of retirement already?

A new report from the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson links the former New Orleans Saints head coach to several teams that may try and recruit him after his first year of studio work with FOX Sports. The three teams are the Cowboys, Dolphins, and the Los Angeles Chargers.

“The Cowboys are considered likely to pursue Payton if they part with Mike McCarthy, but the control issue is something Dallas would need to navigate. “It’s well known we’re good friends,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently said of Payton. But “Mike has an opportunity here to win a Super Bowl.” The Chargers could move on from Brandon Staley if they fail to make the playoffs or exit quickly and meekly.

A source with direct knowledge confirmed former Miami Herald colleague Armando Salguero’s report that Payton spoke to an assistant coach about the Dolphins job earlier this offseason, just in case he ended up deciding to take it and in case the Saints granted permission for Miami to “acquire” him.

The associate said he thinks it’s more likely than not that Payton will coach again.”

All of this speculation may just be a bit premature. He hasn’t even worked one Sunday at the FOX Sports desk. There’s also the possibility that Payton enjoys working in TV and might just figure going back to coaching isn’t worth the stress.

He can probably make just as much money from broadcasting.

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