Kayla Nicole Sparks Travis Kelce Reconciliation Rumors With Latest Like

Here we go again.

The Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce and his long-time girlfriend Kayla Nicole seemingly broke up again back in May. This time the alleged reason for this breakup had nothing to do with “cheating” but rather for Travis being stingy with his expenditures. Reportedly, the 32-year-old was making his fiance pay half for everything they did during the relationship.

Kayla even took to Social Media to comment on the alleged reason for their split.

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Now as football season approaches, it appears Kayla and Trav are on the mend. Or at the very least they’re in the beginning stages of a potential reconciliation. Our source tells us Travis and Kayla have started talking again.

“Travis always likes time off during the Summers, but once Football season starts, he wants Kayla there by his side. He enjoys her coming to see him at the games,” according to our source.

Kayla just like Travis’ most recent post, which of course has everyone thinking they’re getting back together.

See Travis’ latest post and Kayla’s like below:

Kayla’s like below:

Back in 2020, the duo split up for the first time publicly being in a relationship since 2017. The former Super Bowl Champion was alleged for cheating behind her back, causing rifts between the duo.

“This is fake news … a lie … and not why Kayla and I broke up. Take all your hatred somewhere else please,” he wrote on Twitter back then.

We’ll see if Travis and Kayla get back together. We’ll know for sure when the season kicks off. Kayla will either be at Chiefs game or she won’t…

Check out more of Travis’ ex for now below:

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